Nidhal Guessoum Task Force

Toward a New Islamic Golden Age

The Muslim world’s past contributions to science and education were extraordinary. The Islamic “golden age” – during which scholarship and learning flourished across the Muslim…

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Arabic calligraphy Tokyo Camii

Why I teach evolution to Muslim students

Encouraging students to challenge ideas is crucial to fostering a generation of Muslim scientists who are free thinkers, says Rana Dajani.

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How to take Islam back to reason

Science and Islam are intimately linked. This sounds odd. First, because we normally think of religion as harmfully hostile to science. Wasn’t there a long…

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Salman Hameed

On the futility of finding science in the Qur’an and in other scriptures

What is the relation between science and religion? This is an important question. The world we inhabit today is shaped by modern science and its…

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Usama Hasan at the Oxford Union

A Muslim response to Stephen Hawking’s pronouncements about God

What is it that breathes fire into the equations and makes a universe for them to describe?

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“Seek knowledge even in China”

Muslim Proverb
The “Islam & Science” project consists of a number of workshops for advanced students and young researchers on topics relating to the dialogue between Islam and modern science in areas such as cosmology, evolution, environment, practical astronomy, as well as production of booklets, short videos and other such educational material.
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