Science and Islam Dialogues for the 21st century

The persons featured in this film have participated in the conference “Science, Cultures and the Future of Humanity, Could Knowledge, Spirituality and Action Re-shape the World?” in Doha-Qatar, May 30th to June 1st 2008, and was made possible by the collaboration of Al-Jazeera, the Interdisciplinary University of Paris (UIP – Université Interdisciplinaire de Paris), in the context of the project « Science and Islam ». The project Science and Islam (2004-2009) has been realized thanks be to a grant from the John Templeton Foundation.

Denis Alexander

Biologist (Cambridge, United-Kingdom)

Andrew Briggs

Physicist (Oxford, United-Kingdom)

Roald Hoffmann

Nobel laureate in Chemistry (USA)

Dominique Laplane

Neurologist (La Sorbonne, France)

Jean-Michel Oughourlian

Psychopathologist (La Sorbonne, France)

Ines Safi

Physicist (CNRS, France)

Henry P. Stapp

Physicist (Berkeley, USA)

Jean Staune

Philosopher of science (France)

Antoine Suarez

Physicist (Switzerland)

Trinh Xuan Thuan

Astrophysicist (USA)

Charles Townes

Nobel laureate in Physics (USA)

Bruno Abdelhak Guiderdoni

Astrophysicist (CNRS, France)

Medhi Golshani

Philosopher and physicist (Iran)

Eric Younès Geoffroy

Islamologist (France)

Nidhal Guessoum

Astrophysicist (Algeria)

Mohammed Tahar Bensaada

Philosopher (Belgium)

Mohamed Larbi Bouguerra

Physicist (Tunisia)

Ehsan Masood

Writer and journalist (United-Kingdom)

Ziauddin Sardar

Writer (United-Kingdom)

Philip Clayton

Philosopher and theologian (USA)

Jacques Vauthier

Mathematician (France)

Keith Ward

Philosopher and theologian (Oxford, United-Kingdom)