Why an Islam & Science Project ?

Modernity has been characterized by a fracture between tradional visions of the world and scientific and technological approaches. And yet the 20th century’s major discoveries have shown that from the infinitely small to the infinitely large, from the science of matter to the science of consciousness, a new understanding of the world has come about.

Travel in the land and see how He originated Creation

Qur’an 29:20

This has enabled a new type of dialogue between Science and the main religious traditions, something which can also, by setting a common framework, help the dialogue amongst religions and cultures.

The field of “Science and Religion” has thus, during these last few decades, known important developments, with – among others – the creation of centers dedicated to this subject at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. But in this international activity the voice of Islam has too often been absent.

It has thus seemed extremely important for us to contribute to the training of Muslim scholars, who would be able to develop a modern and sophisticated Science-Islam discourse and to present these points of view in international arenas.