Science and Religion by Bruno Abd-al-Haqq Guiderdoni

Bruno Abd-al-Haqq Guiderdoni

Why Setting New Foundations for the Dialogue Should Matter for Muslims

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The Ambiguous Intellectual


The question that Sardar has always asked is: how do you know?

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Humanist vs Islamic perspectives on science and the modern world

Jim Al-Khalili and Ziauddin Sardar

Jim Al-Khalili, physicist and Ziauddin Sardar, chair of the Muslim Institute, talk science, western colonialism and religious rigidity

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Science in the Arab world

Rana Dajani Founder and Director of We Love Reading Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

As a scientist in the Arab world, I practise science and research everyday. The challenges are multiple and in many cases not so obvious for…

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Seeds for the Future by Bruno Abd-Al-Haqq Guiderdoni

Bruno Abd-Al-Haqq Guiderdoni Islam and Science

Bismi-Llahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim I begin this address by pronouncing the traditional sentence “in the name of God the Compassionate the All-Merciful”. With this formula, the Muslims initiate…

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Why Should Scientists Care About Religion?


As a Muslim scientist, I spend much time and expand much effort trying to convince Muslims and other believers to take modern science seriously, with…

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Belief in Dialogue: Science, Culture and Modernity

american university of sharjah belief in dialogue

Path-breaking debate on science and religion From 21 to 23 June 2011, a big conference was held at the American University of Sharjah (AUS) in…

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Muslim Astronomer Weighs In On The Religion-Science Debate

guessoum sharjah

Over at Big Questions Online, astronomer Nidhal Guessoum asks Why Should Scientists Care About Religion? “As a Muslim scientist,” he writes, “I spend much time…

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Science and the Search for Meaning

Space Art new stars are forming in this Beautiful Nebula

Perspectives from International Scientists Even those who most disagree with the tenor of this book will have to acknowledge that it is an exciting time…

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Al-Taqāwul (The Inter-Speaking) between Noah and his people in The Qur’an

El Mechouar Palace Tlemcen

Abdelmadjid Benhabib participated to the first Islam&Science Workshop held in Constantine, Algeria Presentation of my academic work In my work I am focusing now, on…

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Islam and the Environment

prince of wales

A speech by HRH The Prince of Wales titled Islam and the Environment, Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford Vice Chancellor, Your Royal Highnesses, Director, Ladies and Gentlemen….

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Dialogue in Doha Science, Cultures and the Future of Humanity

islam art

Can knowledge, spirituality and action change the World? International conference in Doha, May 30th – June 1st 2008 Organized by the Al Jazeera Center for…

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