Science in Islamic philosophy

Zarah Hussain

Islam attempts to synthesize reason and revelation, knowledge and values, in its approach to the study of nature. Knowledge acquired through rational human efforts and…

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How to take Islam back to reason


Science and Islam are intimately linked. This sounds odd. First, because we normally think of religion as harmfully hostile to science. Wasn’t there a long…

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The triumph of traditionalism

Usama Hasan Islam and Science Summer School Oumma

There are many reasons for the decline of Islamic science, but much of the blame can be laid at al-Ghazali’s door

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The Erasure of Islam

Attarin medersa

One cannot have a revolt on behalf of reason in Islam because reason is central to its worldview: reason is the other side of revelation…

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5 Islamic Philosophers Every Muslim Must Read


Islamic intellectual culture suffers from a philosophy deficit. While there are a few philosophical thinkers in the Muslim World today none of them enjoys the…

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Ziauddin Sardar

Ziauddin sardar draw

Ziauddin Sardar (1951–) may be surprised at this characterisation, but in my view he can be considered as a modern-day version of Ibn Rushd, albeit…

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Muslim Astronomer Weighs In On The Religion-Science Debate

guessoum sharjah

Over at Big Questions Online, astronomer Nidhal Guessoum asks Why Should Scientists Care About Religion? “As a Muslim scientist,” he writes, “I spend much time…

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The Role of Bewilderment


The philosophical definition of scientific truth is a debated issue. Apart from theories which are not self-consistent and should be either rapidly eliminated, or re-elaborated,…

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The Structure of Reality


What is the spiritual lesson we can draw from the scientific pursuit of modern cosmology ? It seems that, in spite of its program to…

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From Puzzles to Metaphysical Issues 2/2

linking the microscopic macroscopic worlds

The intelligibility and universality of the laws Some cosmologists use the word « universe » for each of these causally-disconnected patches, and the word « multiverse » to name…

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From Puzzles to Metaphysical Issues 1/2

a short introduction to quantum physics

This quick survey of the view of modern cosmology shows how quantitative the approach is. However, there are several fields in which our incapacity to…

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Modern Cosmology in a Nutshell

star formation clouds enflaming the sky

We know focus to modern cosmology to illustrate how recurrent puzzles point at the nature of reality. We live in a very peculiar epoch for…

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