Evolution and Islam’s Quantum Question

ahmed mater magnetism

The apparent contradictory relationship between Islam and evolution is important because it has been cited as an example of contradiction between religion and science by…

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Islamic Discourse on Climate Change

There is an environmental framework embedded within the traditional principles of Islam Photograph Hassan Ammar

Islam counts amongst its faithful 1.6 billion people. Many of them, perhaps the majority, are in countries which are most vulnerable to climate change

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Islamic Declaration on Global Climate Change

Islamic leaders launch climate change declaration in Istanbul Photograph by Islamic Relief

Muslim scholars have called on the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims to take action on climate change. Islamic principles support them

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Re-thinking sustainability and progress: Islamic perspectives


This paper aims to shed some light on the notion of sustainability from an Islamic perspective. It is intended to frame an enlightened Islamic discourse to address global environmental issues…

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Human Cloning through the Eyes of Muslim Scholars

What was brewing in the primordial soup Image Aixsponza

Muslim Perspectives on Cloning

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Islam, Science, Life, and Humans


Introduction: Muslims’ issues with Modern Science   Science, or Knowledge more generally, has always had a special status in the Islamic culture. As Abdus Salam, the…

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Jordan’s stem-cell law can guide the Middle East

Rana Dajani Founder and Director of We Love Reading Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

A ban on private companies using stem cells from human embryos provides a policy framework for other Arab and Islamic countries, says Rana Dajani.

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Muslim Responses to the Evolution Theory

Great mosque Paris Museum Ehab Abouheif

The first encounter with Darwin’s theory of evolution in the Muslim world did not occur through translating his book On the Origin of Species, first…

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God and Evolution: Easier For Muslims Than Christians?

Great mosque Paris Museum Ehab Abouheif

If you think Christian scientists like Francis Collins and Kenneth Miller have a hard time defending their acceptance of evolution from creationists and atheists–you might…

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Bridging the Gap Between Evolution and Faith

Futuristic architecture by Zaha Hadid
Photo copyright credit: Design Party

If you ask any person on the street in a Muslim state if they believe in science, the likely answer will be a resounding yes….

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Does Islam Forbid Even Studying Evolution?

Zaha Hadid Design Museum Londen 2007

A few weeks ago, a story broke in the media about British Muslim students “increasingly” refusing to attend biological evolution classes. Even medical students, it…

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Islam and Ethics’ Seminar In Doha

CILE center

Professor Nidhal Guessoum, P.I. of “Islam & Science”, has been recently invited by the research Center for Islamic Legislation and Ethics (CILE) in order to…

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