The Interplay of Science and Theology in the 14th-century Kalam by Ahmad Dallal

The Different Aspects of Islamic Culture image 02

Modern studies in the history of science show that productive, original scientific research persisted into the sixteenth century A.D. in the Islamic World. Yet, histories…

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What the history books left out


Does Islam’s vibrant scientific past hold the key to its intellectual future, asks Ehsan Masood

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A Polymath in the 10th Century


By Roshdi Rashed Ibn al-Haytham (10 to 11th century A.D.) The turn of the first millennium was a time of intense research in mathematics, physics,…

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Ramadan: A Good Time To Recall A Forgotten Doctor‏

Mezquita de Cordoba

It is ironic that the man whom Europeans came to regard as one of the most influential Arab scientists and philosophers of the Middle Ages,…

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The Dicsoveries in Islamic Countries by Ahmed Djebbar

Ahmed Djebbar photo by Younes Boudiaf

From the middle of the VIII century to the end of the XVI, a new scientific tradition emerged then it was developed in numerous towns…

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Islam’s evolutionary legacy

Around Sheikh Zayed Mosque Photo by Muna Al Zaabi V02

Let’s not forget the unsung champions of evolution from the Muslim world

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Book of Optics (Kitab Al-Manazir) IBN AL-HAYTHAM

Ibn al-haytham 04

Jim Al-Khalili revisits Ibn al-Haytham’s hugely influential study on its millennium.

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Copernicus and Ibn al-Shatir: does the copernican revolution have islamic roots?

1001 inventions

By Nidhal Guessoum I review first the main similarities and differences between the planetary model of Ibn al-Shatir (14th-Century Muslim astronomer) and of Copernicus. I…

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Muslim inventions that shaped the modern world

Ibn Firnas bridge Cordoba tribute

Think of the origins of that staple of modern life, the cup of coffee, and Italy often springs to mind. But in fact, Yemen is…

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So, Who Did Discover America?


Abu Rayhan al-Biruni, an Islamic scholar born a thousand years ago in Central Asia, calculated Earth’s circumference with astounding accuracy and invented specific gravity, the…

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The ‘first true scientist’

Jim al-Khalili

By Professor Jim Al-Khalili University of Surrey Isaac Newton is, as most will agree, the greatest physicist of all time. At the very least, he…

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Looking back on the Golden Age of Muslim Science


With Syria in an almost apocalyptic state of civil war at the moment, it’s hard to remember that Damascus was once one of the great…

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