We propose a new program of both academic and cultural works, aiming at the elite as well as the public at large, through the following activities:


  1. A Research Program with an international group developing a large history of the Universe that will be both scientifically correct and islamically consistent.


  1. An education and training program through summer schools and discussion workshops for students and young scholars, in several Muslim countries.


  1. A high-level inter-religious dialogue whose origianility will be to consist of meetings between scientists; this will be a new and original way to contribute to the emergence of a “common discourse” among the world’s major religions.


  1. A broadcasting of ideas towards the public at large, through videos (on platforms such as YouTube) and medium-lenght documentaries on television channels, as well as documents (booklets, articles in the press, series of conferences) in various Muslim countries.


Our previous project, as well as our large experience (our work, travels, meetings, lectures, conferences) in the Muslim world, have fully convinced us of the existence of an immense need to develop and broadcast a well-informed discourse on  Islam & Science, one which is reasoned and scientifically solid. This project aims at this objective on a large international scale.