A harmonizing proposal : the spirit of Averroes

  1. Adopt Modern Science in all its rigorous methodology and results.
  2. Add an optional theistic interpretative mantle (chawl).
  3. Universally impose stringent ethical standards like those of Islam.
  4. Accept the Quran’s guidance and philosophy of knowledge; make hermeneutics obligatory each time there is any apparent contradiction with modern science; keep in mind the multi-level meanings inherent in the Quran when reading the verses dealing with natural phenomena.

Truth (Revelation) cannot contradict wisdom (philosophy); on the contrary, they must agree with each other and support (stand with) each other

Ibn Rushd, Fasl al-Maqal fi ma bayna-sh-Shari‘a wa-l-hikma mina-l-Ittisal (The Definitive Discourse on the Harmony Between Religion and Philosophy)

Need to :

  • Teach the Philosophy of Science widely and seriously.
  • Set up forums (academies, conferences, etc.) to discuss and publicize Science, its paradigms, its social implications, etc.
  • Encourage more enrollment in and engagement with Science as well as endowments and patronage.
  • Establish or at least increase freedom of inquiry.